We Help Make Sure Your Fitness Efforts

Are Really Doing What You Think They are.

Brought to you by Andrea Sargent & Jamie Bessant

The fml method.

Yes we know how it sounds - keep reading :) 

Hello! We're Andrea and Jamie, and together, we have a combined 27+ years of fitness experience. We've been there, done that - and have seen and heard it all! 

We created the fml method to fill the holes in the fundamental abilities your body needs

to move with both strength and ease. This method is NOT a new flashy technique, but instead a way to help you become more aware of how small changes in the way you perform an exercise has big impacts on both the efficiency and efficacy of an exercise. 

The fml method compliments every fitness class and possible exercise that you could

ever want to perform. It isn't just about the WHAT, it's about the HOW! 



We are both practitioners that carry out  day-to-day practice with real patients and clients.


Our clients always ask to take us home - so we created this virtual business so everyone who wants to can - without our families calling the police! 


Everyone should have access to the knowledge of how to take care of their bodies and be confident in any daily task, without hte fear of not being able to move the next day. Our clients biggest "Ah-Ha" moments are when they learn what is actually "supposed" to be happening in their bodies during an exercise, and that the "basic" cues that they have been doing (ie. breathing, engaging their core, setting their shoulders) are often hindering their exercises rather than helping them. 

We Teach you How to Obtain Quality in Exercise, Rather than just Counting Reps. 


100's of Reps Done Poorly

will still Leave You in Pain. 


The Body Remembers the Last Thing You did...so....make Sure its GOOD!

This is NOT an 


Our content is NOT dedicated to "getting better abs in 10 days", or "the quick fix solution to get rid of your pain".  Our goal is to help you reconnect to areas of your body you've forgotten about - areas that are limiting your ability to create the movement necessary to perform even the most basic life skills, like sitting, walking, breathing, or shoulder checking.


When you have lost the ability to identify or control different parts of your body, or have no idea what each part of your body is actually designed to do;  this can often be the cause of the random aches and pains you experience, or the reason you never seem to get better with the exercises you are currently doing. 


We guide you through our 'magical' little modifications of HOW to move your body, so you stop putting extra stress on sore joints, and get ALL your muscles working - not just the ones that make you look pretty! 

OUR Story

How we became the power of two and how the fml method has more meaning than Feel. Move. Live.

When you focus on the details - small changes in how you perform an exercise has big impacts on the quality of your life and sport.



Let’s get you

Ready to Live your Life!

No matter what the age, I believe in teaching patients how to move like they were designed to - so they're not dependent on "therapy" to get through the week.

My childhood was plagued with a long-standing injury that didn't fit into the orthopaedic model of medicine. After studying how the body worked in my undergrad, I continued my education to figure out how to fix the things I could now identify. I've been in clinical practice for over 10 years now, with a strong rooted belief in Movement Medicine. My greatest strength in practice is to see between the lines, and integrate orthopaedic medicine with functional rehabilitation. A lot of our "injuries" don't show up on x-rays, MRIs, or orthopaedic tests. So if all the tests are "negative" and there is "no reason" for your pain, this is where Movement Medicine really shines. I link WHY you're in pain, with WHAT to do about it.

I believe your body is capable of amazing things - it will adapt to whatever you do - good or bad. My goal is to help you figure out if what you're currently doing is helping or hindering you, and teach you how to make the necessary changes so the efforts you put in are more productive.


Sprinkle that with blatant honesty (Yes - I lack the PokerFace Gene), a few good laughs (Mostly at my own expense), and honest heart and that about sums it up!


Actually - who am I kidding. Add in 4 good shots of espresso, the failure to still not know how to put on makeup or style my hair more than a "messy mom bun", having my day scheduled to the minute in order to fit in every possible dream I want to achieve, and sustain it all with too much sugar than I should probably admit to - and that really covers it!

I am so passionate about "The Foundations" because let's face it - I need it!!! :-P

Bachelor of Science in Biomechanics  -  Doctor of Chiropractic  -  DNS Practitioner  -  IVCA Certified Animal Chiropractic

HI I'M      


A True Believer That ANYTHING is Possible!

An Athletic Therapist, educator, collaborator, a listener that is full of compassion.  Add a little enthusiasm and a dash of humour makes me a true believer that anything is possible. 


I'm an expert in breaking down movements to find the 'root' of a problem. My focus is to always empower change through body awareness and education. By narrowing in on the little details that if changed makes a big impact on the big picture. Through exercises I help clients discover their details so movement works and feeling better happens. 

You will hear me often asking my clients: ‘ If your car breaks down and you leave it in the garage to REST when you come back to it will it start?’ Yet we expect our bodies to ’FIX’ themselves with rest.

Being an athlete at a young age and having my children later in life I have learned just how well our bodies can adapt to stress and how to appreciate how well our bodies will carry us from point A to point B. On a personal level as well as professional, these adaptations are not always for the better which can result in breakdowns along the way.

What makes me different from others? The focus I put on the details! Work smarter NOT harder. Slow down before you speed up! 

Bachelor of Kinesiology  -  Certified Athletic Therapist  -  FMS  & SFMA  Certified -  DNS'A' & DNS Exercise1



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